On the Job – Victoria Spindel Rubin

Victoria Spindel Rubin interview at HIPPO PressWe were so excited to see our very own Victoria Spindel Rubin interviewed by The Hippo Press – New Hampshire’s weekly magazine covering quality of life issues, the arts and everything to love about New Hampshire.

Whats not to love here? Dr. Spindel Rubin grew up here in Manchester, NH and has always been surrounded by the arts and a dental practice run by the first woman dentist in Manchester New Hampshire, Dr. Elizabeth Spindel.

Dr. Spindel Rubin has an experienced broad world view.  She spent four years in Pittsburgh while attending Carnegie Mellon and four years in Boston while attending Tufts dental school. She’s listed in the credits of the movie, The Longest Yard, for working as their art department’s production assistant and she works on teeth combining her technical skills with an artistic flair.

We’re glad Victoria Spindel Rubin choose to return to New Hampshire to provide that caring touch that patients and employees of Spindel General and Cosmetic Dentistry are accustomed to experiencing every day.

Candy Smiles at Spindel General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Trick or Treat!  Happy Halloween! At Spindel General and Cosmetic Dentistry we love to celebrate Halloween and love to dress up – so how could we resist these toothbrush and toothpaste costumes? They are a little hard to work in but so worth it!

Dr Elizabeth Spindel & Dr. Victoria Spindel in Halloween costume

We all have to make sure to brush our teeth extra this month! When choosing candy try to steer clear of sticky things that get stuck in your teeth for a long time. We always say “Sticky is Icky!” We do have to admit, a family favorite of the Spindel’s has always been the Snickers bar – we could eat a whole bag of these!  

When I (Dr. Spindel Rubin) was young I always told my mom (Dr. Spindel) that I wanted to own a candy factory like Willy Wonka. Isn’t it crazy that now I am dentist telling everyone to avoid sugar!

If you have a little extra time on Halloween make sure to check out our favorite Halloween movie Hotel Transylvania! Send us photos in your costumes watching Hotel Transylvania and we will send them right over to Dracula!

If you happen to eat too much candy and need some help cleaning your teeth you know where to find us!

Spindel Dentistry Manchester NH

This is an exciting time for Spindel Dentistry as we welcome Dr. Victoria Spindel Rubin to the long established practice of Dr. Elizabeth Spindel! Officially known as Spindel General and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are happy to be called Dr. Elizabeth and Dr. Victoria.  We look forward to seeing our patients smile!