We offer dental bridges in situations where there are strong, healthy teeth on either side of a missing tooth. This bridge helps to restore chewing and function in the mouth. However, with today’s technology, most missing teeth are replaced with implants.


If multiple teeth are missing, have periodontal disease, or are too broken down to restore, partial or complete dentures are a good option. Metal or acrylic resin (Valplast) partial dentures help to replace selective missing teeth in the mouth. These partial dentures use your existing teeth as anchors to hold the partial in place. In the case of a single missing tooth, a flipper or essex retainer may be used. If full mouth dentures are required, we work with a lab to recreate your smile. Implants can be used as an anchor to help stabilize the denture in your mouth. This can help replicate a more natural, secure feeling while talking and chewing.

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